The Weekly: COVID-19 telehealth gaps, former Olympian’s cancer battle, and more

Published on July 30, 2021

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Telehealth leapt forward with COVID-19. Who was left behind?

SUNDAY, July 25, 2021 (LA Times)—When Johnnett Kent learned she had lung cancer, the COVID-19 pandemic was already descending on California. Her doctor didn’t want the 49-year-old to risk her health by heading into a crowded clinic between surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. So she started checking in with Kent through her smartphone. Kent was skeptical of the arrangement at first, thinking, “Can this really work?”

In other news…

Johnson & Johnson marketed baby powder to Black women amid cancer concerns, lawsuit says
July 27, USA Today

Cancer killed my mother, brother, and sisters. As the longest-living member of my family, I was determined to understand why
July 28, STAT [op-ed]

Former US Olympic Gymnast Opens Up About Her Struggles With Cancer 
July 26, Binghamton Homepage WIVT 

FDA approves ‘game changing’ new breast cancer treatment
July 28, The Hill [op-ed]

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