The Weekly: Sunscreen, sun safety and more

Published on July 8, 2022

Updated on August 10, 2022

Feature Story

You’re Not Allowed to Have the Best Sunscreens in the World

FRIDAY, July 1 (The Atlantic) — At 36, I am just old enough to remember when sunscreen wasn’t a big deal. My mom, despite being among the palest people alive, does not remember bringing it on our earliest vacations, or hearing any mention of sun protection by our pediatrician. The first memories I have of sunscreen are from the day camp that my brother and I attended in the 1990s, where we spent every day on a playground in the direct Georgia sun but were prompted to slather it on only once every two weeks, when we were bused to a community pool. On those days, my mom dropped an ancient bottle of Coppertone, expiration date unknown, into my backpack, where I usually left it. In 2000, I started high school, just in time for the golden age of the tanning bed. 


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