Best Practices in Grassroots Advocacy Workshop

July 17, 2013


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Patient advocacy groups recognize the need to represent the interests of their constituents by mobilizing them to affect policy.  Building grassroots networks and successfully educating and motivating individuals to become passionate about legislative, regulatory, and access issues is key to our ability to do that. Yet we all face challenges in recruiting and effectively engaging individual advocates in health advocacy and public policy.

So what are the best practices in grassroots recruitment, engagement and mobilization?  How do others do it?  What are the opportunities in electronic communications and social media, coupled with traditional mechanisms for advocacy?

Prevent Cancer Foundation’s  one-day forum is an opportunity for cancer advocacy professionals to hear from experts in the field and share strategies and tactics amongst themselves; to build a shared knowledge base of best practices; and, ultimately, to elevate the patient voice in the decision-making process.

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