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The Weekly: Talc powder, cancer screening and more

Feature story J&J to stop selling talc-based baby powder in US, Canada TUESDAY, May 19 (The Washington Post)—Johnson & Johnson is ending sales of its iconic talc-based Johnson’s Baby Powder in the U.S. and Canada, where demand has dwindled amid thousands of lawsuits claiming it has caused cancer. The world’s biggest maker of health care products said Tuesday […]

The Weekly: Cancer screenings drop, Obamacare and more

Feature story Dramatic drop in cancer diagnoses amid COVID pandemic is cause for concern, doctors say THURSDAY, May 15 (ABC News)—At the onset of the novel coronavirus, American healthcare providers sought to limit non-essential in-person visits, opting instead to put off routine examinations – including annual cancer screenings – as part of an effort to curb risky face-to-face […]

The Weekly: Cancer deaths by state, radon testing and more

Feature story This is the racial divide among cancer deaths in every state THURSDAY, May 7 (USA Today)—Despite claims that COVID-19 was quickly becoming the leading cause of death in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that at this time this claim is far from being true. Heart disease and cancer, the CDC […]

The Weekly: Vaccines, coronavirus and more

Feature story Coronavirus as a Reminder of the Urgency of Getting Your Vaccines MONDAY, April 21 (The New York Times)—While the new coronavirus, against which there is currently no vaccine, causes global economic chaos, illness and death, there are other serious infections that are too often ignored or dismissed. Experts say that, before the disruptions caused by Covid-19, […]

The Weekly: Life under COVID-19, postponed treatments and more

Feature story How Cancer Prepared Me for Life Under Coronavirus TUESDAY, April 21 (The New York Times)—A deep breath is in order. A huge, collective inhale. If you have ever had one of those diagnoses that make you sit upright and reappraise everything, you will know what I mean. You will be attuned to this coronavirus moment. I […]

The Weekly: Men’s health, supporting cancer patients during COVID-19 and more

Feature story What sons need from dads: A real talk about health SUNDAY, April 12 (SF Gate)—Households where fathers don’t discuss health matters with their sons are more common than you think, says Ryan Berglund, a urologist in the Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. When he asks men for their health history, he […]

The Weekly: Hep C screening for all, COVID-19 and more

Feature story Rate of new US hepatitis C infections rises threefold in the past decade, new report finds FRIDAY, April 10 (CNN)—The annual rate of newly reported hepatitis C infections in the United States has increased threefold, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A new CDC report finds that the annual rate rose […]

The Weekly: Colonoscopies during pandemic, Zantac recall and more

Feature story Colonoscopies during coronavirus pandemic: When a screening may be necessary THURSDAY, April 2 (Fox News)—The coronavirus epidemic in the U.S. has many Americans putting a pause on regular life, embracing the new “normal” that is social distancing and remaining home-bound. But the epidemic has also delayed important medical-related screenings, as the Centers for Disease Control […]

The Weekly: COVID-19, lung cancer screening and more

Feature story AI program could check blood for signs of lung cancer WEDNESDAY, March 26 (The Guardian)—Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence program that can screen people for lung cancer by analysing their blood for DNA mutations that drive the disease. The software is experimental and needs to be verified in a clinical trial, but doctors are hopeful […]

The Weekly, March 20, 2020

Feature story The dilemmas facing cancer doctors and patients in the coronavirus pandemic FRIDAY, March 20 (Vox)—Silver Leo has been trying to keep her young children, ages 3 and 9, entertained at home since March 13, when their public schools in Alexandria, Virginia, announced closures. Child care is a challenge for a lot of parents these days, but […]