2014 Dialogue for Action

2014 Dialogue for Action®:
Right-Sizing Cancer Screening

On March 20 – 21, 2014 (pre-conference March 19, 2014), the Prevent Cancer Foundation held its 16th annual Dialogue for Action®: Right-Sizing Cancer Screening in Baltimore, Maryland, at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel. This annual national conference brings together a diverse group of stakeholders committed to realizing the lifesaving potential of cancer screening for all communities.

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The 2014 Dialogue featured panels on:

  • Implementation of the Affordable Care Act: Rising to the Opportunity
  • Right-Sizing Cancer Screening
  • Reducing Disparities in Cancer Screening
  • Primary Care in Transition
  • Frontiers in Cancer Screening Modalities
  • Having the Conversation: Doctors and Patients on Cancer Screening and Prevention
  • Mobile Health: How Can It Play a Role in Cancer Prevention and Early Detection?

Statement of Need/Program Overview
The Prevent Cancer Foundation convened the 2014 Dialogue for Action® as a forum to promote collaboration and idea-sharing across disciplines and to encourage action steps for change. By educating and promoting dialogue about cancer screening and early disease management among patients, advocates, the public health community and health care professionals from across the country, the annual Dialogue for Action® conference is an important component of the Foundation’s mission – saving lives through cancer prevention and early detection.

With the Foundation’s strong history of driving cancer screening on a national level, our intent is to expand our audience—especially in attracting quality teams for insurance companies, hospitals and large group practices (which are tasked with meeting quality standards on cancer screening), while maintaining a diverse audience. The 2014 Dialogue will continue the successful structure of cutting-edge presentations on delivery of services and patient access, with ample opportunities for exchange of ideas and experiences across the broad spectrum of cancer-screening stakeholders who attend the conference.

2014 Dialogue participants explored policy, program and practice topics that include right-sizing cancer screening; implementation of the Affordable Care Act; reducing disparities in cancer screening; primary care in transition; frontiers in cancer screening modalities; doctors and patients effectively communicating about cancer screenings; and how mobile health can play a role in cancer prevention and early detection. They had many opportunities to network and be part of a lively exchange of ideas from a variety of disciplines, all related to cancer screening.

Educational Objectives
After completing this activity, the participant should be better able to:

  • Analyze the impact that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will have on cancer screening in their patient populations
  • Interpret the benefits of breast cancer screening and current guideline recommendations, including advances in screening technology that may improve screening accuracy
  • Discuss the benefits of cervical cancer screening, HPV vaccination and current guideline recommendations, including advances in screening technology that may improve screening accessibility and rate of participation
  • Critically appraise colorectal screening programs and current guideline recommendations, including the menu of screening options and advances and alternatives to standard endoscopy that may improve rates of screening
  • Analyze the benefits and the risks of prostate-specific antigen screening within the context of each patients’ known risk for prostate cancer and life expectancy and the value of informed decision-making
  • Discuss the recent recommendations for lung cancer screening, the associated costs/financial barriers and the various definitions of who should be screened
  • Explore the potential for oral cancer screening, including HPV testing

2014 Dialogue for Action Toolkit:

2014 Dialogue for Action® Agenda

2014 Dialogue for Action® Conference Overview

2014 Dialogue for Action® Presentations

2014 Dialogue for Action® Resources

2014 Dialogue Networking Resource Guide

2014 Dialogue Posters

2014 Conversations
Conversation 1: On the Frontiers of Cancer Screening Technologies: Implications for Physician Practices and Public Health Programs

Conversation 2: Right-Sizing Cancer Screening: Balancing Benefits and Harms

Conversation 3: Opportunities and Challenges for Cancer Screening Under the Affordable Care Act (A)

Conversation 4: Strategies for Improving Doctor-Patient Communications about Cancer Screening and Prevention

Conversation 5: Opportunities and Challenges for Cancer Screening Under the Affordable Care Act (B)

Conversation 6: Closing the Gap on Disparities: Innovations and Best Practices

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