Quantitative Imaging Workshop XIX Materials (2022)

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QIW XIX One-Pager

Speaker Biographies

Workshop Session Questions & Points


Session One: Welcome and Overview, Keynote Address, and 2022 National Leadership Award Recipient Presentation


Welcome and Overview

  • Carolyn R. (“Bo”) Aldigé, Prevent Cancer Foundation
  • James L. Mulshine, MD, Rush University Medical Center (welcome presentation slides)

Keynote Address – AI and Medical Imaging: Early Progress and Promise

  • Daniel Tse, MD, AI Product Lead, Research & Development and Go-to-Market, Google Health


James L. Mulshine, MD, National Leadership Award Presentation

  • 2022 Recipients:
    Dr. Andrea B. McKee, MD, Radiation Oncologist
    Dr. Brady J. McKee, MD, Radiologist, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (posthumous)


Session Two: Population Health – Reimbursement for AI, Ensuring Quality & The Roles of Payers


Topic 1: Paying for AI and Quality — Link to Population Health

Topic Introduction: Bruce S. Pyenson, FSA, MAAA, Milliman, Inc. (presentation slides)

Topic Overviews & Panelists:

  • Richard Frank, MD, PhD, CPT® Editorial Panel, American Medical Association (presentation slides)
  • Ezequiel “Zeke” Silva III, MD, FACR, FSIR, FRBMA, RCC, American Medical Association, Specialty Society RVS Update Committee (presentation slides)


Topic 2: Innovation and Population Health: Roles of Payers and Radiology Benefit Managers

Topic Introduction: Bruce S. Pyenson, FSA, MAAA, Milliman, Inc. (presentation slides)

Topic Overviews & Panelists:


Session Three: Clinical Implications of Reporting “Emphysema” on Low Dose CT Scans for Cancer Screening


Topic 1: Update on Progress in Publication of a “Perspective” from Previous Workshops

Topic Introduction: Javier J. Zulueta, MD, FCCP, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (presentation slides)


Topic 2: Define Parameters of Quantitation for CT Scan Images Needed to Define Lung Injury in Meaningful Ways

Topic Overviews & Panelists:


Session Four: Expanding Screening’s Reach – From Current Screening Perceptions to Developing a Quantitative Imaging Health Metric



Topic 1: Lung Cancer Screening Perceptions in Both Patients and Clinicians: What Do We Know?

Topic Overview: David Yankelevitz, MD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (presentation slides)


  • Wendy Everett, ScD, Avalere (presentation slides)
  • Joelle Fathi, DNP, RN, ARNP, CTTS, FAAN, GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer
  • Tessa F. Flores, MD, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center (presentation slides)
  • Andrea B. McKee, MD, Lahey Hospital & Medical Center and Radiation Oncology Associates
  • Providencia Morales, MSN, RN, RT, CCRC, Phoenix VA Medical Center (presentation slides)


Topic 2: Intersection of Health and Wellness Quantitation and Early Disease Management

Topic Overview:


  • Mirza Faisal Beg, PhD, PEng, Voronoi Health Analytics and Simon Fraser University (Canada)
  • Susan K. Fried, PhD, Obesity and Metabolism Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (presentation slides)
  • Raj Sareen, MS, STYKU (presentation slides)


Session Five: Exploring New CT Imaging & Artificial Intelligence Technical Opportunities



Topic 1: New CT Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges

Topic Introduction: Ricardo Avila, MS, Accumetra LLC (presentation slides)

Topic Overview: Mario Silva, MD, PhD, University of Parma (Italy) and UMass Chan Medical School, University of Massachusetts (presentation slides)


Example of Innovation: James O’Doherty, PhD, CSci, MIPEM, MPE, Siemens Healthineers – Technical Benefits of Photon Counting CT (presentation slides)



  • Raúl San José Estépar, PhD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • Sean Fain, PhD, University of Iowa (presentation slides)
  • Timothy P. Szczykutowicz “Stick,” PhD, DABR, University of Wisconsin-Madison (presentation slides)


Topic 2: Integrating AI Into the Lung Health Workflow

Topic Overview: Ricardo Avila, MS, Accumetra LLC (presentation slides)


  • Samuel M. Aguayo, MD, Phoenix VA Health Care System
  • Ella Kazerooni, MD, MS, Michigan Medicine / University of Michigan Medical School
  • Anil Vachani, MD, MS, Perelman School of Medicine, Penn Medicine and Philadelphia VA Medical Center
  • David Yankelevitz, MD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Breakout Sessions

In keeping with our Workshop structure, we initiate conversations that carry discussions from the presentations into a Breakout process. Often it allows a broader perspective as more and different disciplinary colleagues participate more casually in conversations about given topics.

In the Clinical Breakout, colleagues will discuss a series of questions to distill action plans to advance screening or the screening research progress. A parallel Breakout will convene as well to consider more technical issues involved with computational imaging and the development of AI tools that could help improve the screening process. At the end of the Workshop, the two Breakout groups come together to hear about their respective deliberations with an eye towards converging on action plans to foster progress.


Clinical Breakout Session – Getting Serious About the Public Health Impact of Thoracic CT Imaging

Technical Breakout Session – Harnessing Photon Counting CT and AI


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