Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Social Media Assets

Did you know cervical cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer? In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced a global call for action to eliminate cervical cancer within the next century.

By leveraging these social media assets, you can help educate and spread awareness during Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.

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  • #CervicalCancerAwarenessMonth
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Recommended Social Media Posts 

  • I dare to imagine a world without cervical cancer. I know it’s possible because it’s a highly preventable cancer with routine screenings. Join us in supporting #CervicalCancerAwarenessMonth by sharing this post.

  • As we start this new year, don’t forget to add prevention to your list of goals for 2023. We recognize January as #CervicalCancerAwarenessMonth, a cancer that could one day be nonexistent–but it begins with YOU. Learn more: 

  • Want to eliminate cervical cancer? Keep up with routine screenings & talk to your doctor about the HPV vaccine for kids ages 9-12. Catch-up vaccinations are available for teens & young adults up to the age of 26. Learn more about cervical cancer prevention and screening at