2007 Recipients

2007 Grant Recipients * April 2007-May 2008

OrganizationAmite County Medical Services, Inc.
Project DirectorPam T. Poole
Grant Amount$15,000
Project DescriptionThe grant will support breast and cervical education, early detection and follow-up care to a community health center’s underserved residents in Amite County, Mississippi.
OrganizationHope Through Grace
Project DirectorGrace L. Butler
Grant Amount$15,000
Project DescriptionThe organization will provide colorectal cancer prevention education, screening and support services to its priority population in Houston, Texas. They will also address a related risk factor, obesity, through education, nutritional counseling and physical activity guidance.
OrganizationJohn W. Nick Foundation
Project DirectorNancy E. Nick
Grant Amount$5,000
Project DescriptionThe Foundation, in Sebastian, Florida, will address an often neglected cancer – male breast cancer. They will further develop and enhance their organization’s Web site so as to better reach a national audience.
OrganizationRalph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention
Project DirectorJosephine Class and Harold P. Freeman
Grant Amount$15,000
Project DescriptionThe grant will support the pioneering patient navigation initiatives of Dr. Harold Freeman which address cancer education, early detection and screening in the Harlem community in New York.
OrganizationSt. Thomas Health Clinic
Project DirectorMary Abell
Grant Amount$85,000
Project DescriptionThe grant will help rebuild prevention related services in Louisiana’s St. Thomas Community Health Clinic that provides breast cancer education and screening for women 40-49 years old in New Orleans.
OrganizationSyracuse University
Project DirectorLuvenia W. Cowart
Grant Amount$15,000
Project DescriptionSyracuse University will to provide cancer education for African American men through health seminars and a barbershop education program in New York.
OrganizationUniversity of New Mexico
Project DirectorKristina Flores
Grant Amount$15,000
Project DescriptionThe Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Program will provide cancer education outreach to two Navajo communities in New Mexico.
OrganizationWashoe Tribal Health Center
Project DirectorKim Neiman
Grant Amount$15,000
Project DescriptionThe Center will increase awareness and screening for colorectal and breast cancer through a state celebration event and a pow wow in Carson City, Nevada.


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