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ICYMI: August 26, 2016

Feature Story Cancer is now the leading cause of death in 22 states. Surprisingly, thats good news. Wednesday, August 24, 2016 (Vox) — For a long time, if you lived in America, there was a very good chance you’d die of heart disease. For more than half a century, it’s been far and away the […]

ICYMI: July 15, 2016

Feature Story Why redheads have a higher skin cancer risk WEDNESDAY, July 13, 2016 (CBS News) — DNA that’s tied to red hair, fair skin and freckles may also be highly linked to a person’s genetic odds of skin cancer, new research suggests. The study’s British authors estimate that having the gene is roughly equivalent […]

Jeff Pulver: Living with intention

Do you know your family health history? It’s your first step in becoming your own best health advocate. The spring issue of Cancer PreventionWorks focuses on knowing your health background. This story features an accomplished communicator and Internet pioneer who transformed his life through healthy eating and exercise. Make sure to check out the full […]

Tips to maintain a healthy weight [Infographic]

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important step we can take to greatly reduce the possibility of developing certain forms of cancer. When trying to lose excess weight, many of us turn to fad diets that promise a quick fix. These dieting schemes often cause short-term weight loss, continuing no more than six months, followed […]