A world where no one dies of cancer

Imagine with us

Reduce cancer deaths by 40%

Together, we have the potential to change the entire landscape of cancer prevention and early detection by investing:

$20 million
toward research in innovative technologies to detect cancer early and advance multi-cancer screening.


$10 million
to expand cancer screening and vaccination access to medically underserved communities.


$10 million
to educate the public about screening and vaccination options.

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News and Events


News | Feb 5, 2021 Prevent Cancer Foundation® awards nine new research grants
News | Jan 14, 2021 Why I AGDQ
News | Jan 6, 2021 Meet Alicia: Singer, five-time GDQ participant and health advocate
News | Dec 14, 2020 What if you are living with cancer? Katie’s story.
News | Dec 3, 2020 Prevent Cancer Foundation supports House and Senate bills on multi-cancer early detection
News | Dec 3, 2020 Prevent Cancer Foundation applauds the introduction of The Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening Coverage Act
News | Nov 25, 2020 Prominent Washington, D.C. entrepreneur and a national security correspondent team up with retailers to fight cancer and benefit Prevent Cancer Foundation this holiday season
News | Oct 28, 2020 Dr. Daniel Sullivan honored for leadership in quantitative imaging biomarkers
News | Oct 27, 2020 USPSTF changes recommended age for colorectal cancer screening to 45
News | Oct 23, 2020 Adding years by adding sweat
News | Oct 16, 2020 The Prevent Cancer Foundation announces 2020-2021 young adult advisory committee
News | Oct 6, 2020 5 Ways A Virtual Walk/Run Can Boost Physical And Mental Health
News | Sep 21, 2020 “Dare to imagine a world without cancer” at the virtual Congressional Families Action for Cancer Awareness Awards on September 24
News | Sep 19, 2020 In memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
News | Sep 18, 2020 Actor/producer Ken Jeong, TODAY news anchor Craig Melvin, charitable gaming organization Games Done Quick and congressional spouse Terry Loebsack to be honored at Congressional Families Program virtual awards
News | Sep 11, 2020 In memory of Patrick Beauregard
News | Sep 8, 2020 Get Gala-ready with this year’s signature drink
News | Sep 1, 2020 Impact: Mobile mammography during COVID-19
News | Sep 1, 2020 Prevent Cancer Gala features performances and stories from Max Weinberg (E Street Band) and Ali Rogin, Lauren Daigle, Rob Lowe and more
News | Aug 31, 2020 Prevent Cancer Foundation remembers actor and cultural icon Chadwick Boseman
News | Aug 26, 2020 Prevent Cancer Foundation® awards $250,000 in community grants
News | Aug 21, 2020 Healthy aging and cancer screening
News | Aug 20, 2020 I didn’t know what my mom’s cancer meant for me
News | Aug 19, 2020 Notice of Blackbaud Data Breach
News | Aug 6, 2020 Prevent Cancer Foundation announces “Back on the Books” — A lifesaving initiative in the face of COVID-19
News | Aug 5, 2020 Gut Check: Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Report
News | Jul 28, 2020 Summer camp crisis – active things to do with your kids if summer camp isn’t an option
News | Jul 27, 2020 Jennifer Griffin, Whitfield Growdon, M.D., Brandon Parry and Susanna Quinn join Prevent Cancer board of directors
News | Jun 30, 2020 Leaders in cancer prevention honored by the Prevent Cancer Foundation
News | Jun 24, 2020 The HPV vaccine: preventing cancer for over a decade
News | Jun 11, 2020 Higher cancer risk in LGBT communities
News | Jun 2, 2020 Prevent Cancer Foundation statement on racial injustice

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