Awesome Games Done Quick

Registration is now open for Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 which will be held from January 5-11 in Orlando, Florida.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 took place January 6–13. Donors from around the world raised $2.4 million for cancer prevention and early detection. Thank you, AGDQ!

Awesome Games Done Quick is an annual live-streamed video game marathon organized by Games Done Quick to raise funds for the Prevent Cancer Foundation®. Hundreds of all-star gamers from around the world meet to speedrun—play as fast as possible—their favorite games. People around the globe tune in online to watch the “best of the best” take on the most popular games.

Announcing new international work!

With funds from AGDQ, we are excited to support five new 2019 international cancer prevention and early detection grants in Ghana, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland and South Africa. The projects start this month and are focused on increasing quality screening or education for colorectal, breast, cervical or lung cancers.

AGDQ panel

New at AGDQ 2019 — Beyond a Game: What Your Support Makes Possible

Join the Prevent Cancer Foundation® for an interactive panel to learn more about the impact of your support from the experts who are turning your donations into action.

You’ll hear how Scotch tape made a difference in lung cancer screening, how cell phones are enhancing cervical cancer screening in Africa and how your dollars are making a difference in cancer prevention and early detection.

This panel was presented live at AGDQ on Sunday, January 6 at 4:00 p.m. ET. You can view the taped session here.

Wondering where your money is going? The funds you raised will support work both nationally and internationally.

Save My Mother - SOS Children's Village - Global Community Grants

3 international community grants to groups in Ghana, Kenya and Mozambique, where cervical cancer is often diagnosed in advanced stages.

International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) research grant in early treatment lung cancer.

International Cancer Technology Transfer Fellowships, in partnership with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC). These fellowships allow the rapid transfer of cancer clinical technology to underserved nations in the international community, helping to reduce the global cancer burden and integrate cancer control into the world health agenda.

5 international “Leadership in Action” forums, in partnership with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), to enable leaders from across the global cancer control spectrum to strengthen cancer control by translating a global commitment into action.

MD Anderson Cancer Center

A large-scale community grant to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer by improving access to screening and clinical management of cervical dysplasia (precancerous changes).

Learn more about our global reach.




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