Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program

Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program

The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program is a bipartisan effort to increase the public’s understanding of cancer prevention and early detection. Families of Senate, House, Cabinet, Supreme Court and the Diplomatic Corps are invited to work within their respective constituencies to educate the public. The Congressional Families Program offers educational events, materials and resources to equip its members to bring the message of cancer prevention and early detection back to their communities. 

Are you a Congressional, Administration, Diplomatic or Supreme Court spouse who is interested in joining us? Please contact us at


The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program held its 29th Annual Awards Luncheon on September 21, 2022 honoring Abby Blunt, spouse of Sen. Roy Blunt (Mo.), tennis champion Chris Evert, “TODAY”‘s Hoda Kotb.

Watch “TODAY” co-host Hoda Kotb’s acceptance speech as recipient of the Distinguished Service in Journalism Award…


Read what else we’ve been up to in our Fall/Winter 2022 newsletter




About The Program

The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program is a bipartisan network of spouses of members of the House, Senate, Administration, Supreme Court and the Diplomatic Community who share an interest in advancing cancer prevention, early detection and education.

The initiative began as a partnership between the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a national organization focused on cancer prevention through scientific research and education and the Congressional Club. The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program has an Executive Council and Advisory Board that include over 200 spouses.

Launched in 1991, the program’s initial efforts focused on the areas of breast and prostate cancer. The success of the program’s first five years led to the expansion of its scope to add more preventable cancers: lung, skin, colorectal, cervical, testicular and oral cancer. The program offers spouses and family members (including Members of Congress) talking points, op-eds, letters to the editor, speeches, videos and many more program ideas and communication tools to use in their districts and beyond. With these tools, the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention program can take a broader healthy living, cancer prevention and early detection message to communities all across America and around the globe.

Below are just a few of the many efforts members have participated in to increase cancer prevent and early detection awareness including:

  • Appearing in television public service announcements (taped and distributed through the National Association of Broadcasters, a program underwriter)
  • Speaking to civic and other community groups
  • Writing articles and op-ed pieces for local papers and newsletters
  • Appearing on local television and radio talk shows
  • Organizing health fairs, special events and conferences
  • Working with health professionals to encourage a dialogue about cancer prevention
  • Participating in the signature annual awards luncheon held each fall
  • Attending informational seminars featuring leading, national medical experts

Nationwide, Congressional Families works toward a collective goal: to help saves lives through cancer prevention and early detection. Our vision is to Stop Cancer Before It Starts!

For more information about the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program, please contact Lisa McGovern.

Executive Director

Lisa-McGovern-HeadshotLisa Murray McGovern has served as Executive Director of the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program since 2003. The bipartisan program’s mission is to use the visibility afforded to Congressional, Administration, Supreme Court and Diplomatic spouses to carry the message of cancer prevention to communities and states throughout the country. More than 150 Congressional spouses participate in the program which is part of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization.

Prior to joining Congressional Families, Lisa served as Deputy Director of Congressional Affairs at the General Services Administration from 1995-2001 during the Clinton Administration. In 1995, she was named as an alternate member of the President’s Interagency Council on Women.

From 1984 through 1995, Lisa was on personal staff in the office of Congressman Gerry Studds of Massachusetts and subsequently joined the staff of the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee on which Mr. Studds sat and later chaired.

In 1989, Lisa married Jim McGovern of Worcester, Massachusetts.  Jim was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1996. The McGoverns have a son, Patrick George, and a daughter, Molly Ginette.

Executive Council

Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program
Executive Council 2021

Executive Director 
Lisa McGovern

Executive Council Members*
Abby Blunt (Republican, Mo.)
Martha Brooks (Republican, Ala.)
Karmen Walker Brown (Democrat, Md.)
The Honorable Debbie Dingell (Democrat, Mich.)
Brenda Fleischmann (Republican, Tenn.)
Lorena Saenz Gonzalez (Democrat, Texas)
Barbara Grassley (Republican, Iowa)
Mikey Hoeven (Republican, N.D.)
Sarah Hospodor-Pallone (Democrat, N.J.)
LeeAnn Johnson (Republican, Ohio)
Wayne Kye, D.D.S. (Democrat, N.Y.)
Marcelle Leahy (Democrat, Vt.)
Barbara Long (Republican, Mo.)
Deborah Malumed, M.D. (Democrat, Calif.)
Laina Marshall (Republican, Kan.)
Mary McKinley (Republican, W. Va.)
Colleen Ochoa Peters (Democrat, Mich.)
Alfredia Scott (Democrat, Ga.)
Amanda Soto (Democrat, Fla.)

Congressional Club Liaison
Patti Garamendi (Democrat, Calif.)

Ex Officio members
Barbara Morris-Lent (Republican, N.Y.)
The Honorable Marie Royce (Republican, Calif.)
Betty Ann Tanner (Democrat, Tenn.)

*Italics indicate Senate spouses

 Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program

Advisory Committee Members

Caroline Aderholt
Honey Alexander
Edward T. Allard III
Robin Allen
Susan Allen**
Anne Arrington
Roxanne Babin
Linda Bachus**
M. Priyasri Bala, M.D.
Amanda Banks
Bobbi Barrasso
Tamra Bentsen**
Janine Bera, M.D.
Megan Beyer
Vivian Bishop
Abigail Blunt*
Cathy Boozman
Tracy Bost
Stewart Boxer
Debbie Brady
Martha Brooks*
Karmen Walker Brown*
Sandy Buchanan
Charlie Capito
Gina Carbajal
Norma Cardenas
Myrna E. Cardin
Amy Carter
Audrey Case
Evelyn Chinea- Garcia
Rosel Cloud
Lisa Collins
T.J. Comer
Suzanne Conaway
Catherine “Smitty” Connolly
Sandy Cornyn
Stacy Crawford
Deserai Crow, Ph.D.
Maya Rockeymoore Cummings
Julie Dann
Shannon R. Davis
Steven Davis, M.D.
Vera G. Davis
Myrnie Daut DeFazio
April Delaney**
Lacey Schwartz Delgado
Amy DesJarlais
Jill Deutch
Rep. Debbie Dingell*
Libby Doggett
Linda Dooley**
Leah Ott Dunn
Lee Ann Edwards**
Pat Engel
Diana Enzi
Brenda M. Fleischmann*
Cindy Fleming
Gina Flores
Randy Florke
Celeste Fortenberry
Phillip Frank
Patricia Garamendi
Jamie Gardner
Lorena Saenz Gonzalez*
Alexa Gooden
Lynn Gorguze
Maude Gosar
Barbara Grassley*
Ramona Grijalva
Lilibet Hagel**
Paula Heck
Mary Himes
Mikey Hoeven*
Bart Houlahan
Susan Huffman
Kennisandra Jeffries
LeeAnn Johnson*
Mereda Davis Johnson
Tiia Karlen
Robin Katko
Lauren Birchfield Kennedy
Jennifer Kildee
Jennifer Kilmer
Roberta Kustoff
Wayne Kye, D.D.S.*
Jill LaMalfa
Marcia Sloan Latta
Delores B. Lawson
Marcelle Leahy*
Barbara Morris Lent**
Bill Lewis
Betty Lieu, Esq.
Judy Lipinski
Lino S. Lipinsky
Terry Loebsack
Barbara Long*
Margaret Lynch
Deborah Malumed, M.D.*
Gayle C. Manchin
Donna Marchant
Susan Blumenthal Markey, M.D.
Laina Marshall*
Brianna Mast
Rep. Doris Matsui
Linda McCaul
Lori McClintock
Colette McEachin
Mary McKinley*
Debbie Meadows
Sherry Mitchell
Liz Moulton
Marion Munley
Wendy Murphy
Ellen Noghés**
Nancy Olson
Pat O’Halleran
Leighton Oshima
Sarah Pallone*
Kelley Paul
Carrie McIntyre Panetta
Paul Pelosi
Colleen Ochoa Peters
Susan Pompeo
Jane Portman
Katie Posey
Robert Powell
Lisa Price
Sarah Bloom Raskin
Christine Riggleman
Franki Roberts
Kaira Rouda
The Hon. Marie Royce
Monica Ruiz
Kay Ruppersberger
Dina Sarbanes
Eve Schiff
Steve Schultz
Alfredia Scott*
Karen Sessions
Lisa Sherman
Adrienne Sires
Sara R. Smith
Marty Sorteberg
Amanda Soto*
Jodi Stauber
Evie Stewart
Karen Stivers
James Sullivan
Betty Ann Tanner**
Janet Thompson
London J. Thompson
Sally Thornberry
Jean Tipton
Kris Toomey
Jill Cooper Udall
Amey Upton
Katherine Van Hollen
Tonya Veasey
Rose Vela
Ray Wagner
Sue Walberg
Gwen Walz
Brenda Weber
Margaret Cheney Welch
Monica Wenstrup
Gayle Wicker
Patty Williams
Roxanne Wilson
Kathryn Wittman
Carolyn Yoho

*Executive Committee member


The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program offers a variety of informational events, resources and materials.  The Program invites its members to work within their respective constituencies to educate the public about the message of healthy living, cancer prevention and early detection. Congressional Families’ two cornerstones of the program are the annual Action for Cancer Awareness Luncheon and Educational Events along with numerous other opportunities to get involved, educate and impact each members’ communities.

Action for Cancer Awareness Awards

Each fall, the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program hosts its annual Action for Cancer Awareness Awards Luncheon. This event recognizes the activities of Congressional spouses, Members of Congress, the press and community advocates for their outstanding work to educate the public about cancer prevention and early detection.

Educational Events

The Program regularly hosts seminars and events, bringing together members, health professionals and medical experts; creating dialogue and equipping members with tools to bring the message of cancer prevention and detection back to their communities.

Submit Op-eds to Your Local Paper and Post on Social Media 
Congressional Families offers members monthly templates for op-eds to publish in your local paper. We also send sample social media posts on a weekly basis to educate your constituents about cancer prevention and related topics.

Share Your Ideas
Some of our best ideas come from you! If you have an idea or an event you would like to share please contact Lisa McGovern

Congressional Members and spouses – located in every state across the country – are powerful voices to spread the message of cancer prevention and early detection. This series invites Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program members to share timely and vital information with Americans to help us further our mission of saving lives across all populations.

The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program presents “Real Spouses of Capitol Hill (RSOCH).” Hear from active congressional spouses about the value and ease of using the Program’s tools in your district/state to support people on their path to optimal health. It’s a great way to connect with constituents—and other congressional spouses. Cancer touches us all—it will take all of us to beat it.


LeeAnn Johnson, spouse to Rep. Bill Johnson (Ohio)
Mikey Hoeven, spouse to Sen. John Hoeven (ND)
Colleen Ochoa Peters, spouse to Sen. Gary Peters (MI)
Amanda Soto, spouse to Rep. Darren Soto (FL)

The 29th Annual Action for Cancer Awareness Awards were held on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, on Capitol Hill honoring Abby Blunt (spouse of Sen. Roy Blunt, MO), Congressional Families Leadership; Hoda Kotb, Distinguished Service in Journalism; and Chris Evert, Excellence in Cancer Awareness. Read more about the honorees.

Each fall, Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program hosts its annual Action for Cancer Awareness Awards. Since 1993, the awards luncheon recognizes the activities of Congressional spouses, Members of Congress, the press and community advocates for their outstanding work to educate the public about cancer prevention and early detection and their work to improve access to cancer-related prevention and treatment services.

This signature event brings together Members of Congress; Congressional, Supreme Court and Diplomatic spouses; members of the scientific and medical community; and business and industry representatives in the cancer advocacy community to celebrate advancement in cancer prevention and early detection, highlighting the work of those making a difference.

Awards are presented in the following categories:

Congressional Families Leadership Award
This award honors a spouse or Congressional family member who makes a noted contribution in the field of cancer awareness. The nominee’s work should illustrate the use of his/her/their platform to engage attention to the education of the public about a cancer and the importance of early detection and prevention, mortality and incidence.

Distinguished Service in Journalism
The media is a powerful tool in the education of the public about cancer. This award honors a renowned journalist (print, television, radio, internet) who has made a significant and responsible contribution though his/her work to educate the need for cancer prevention, advances in cancer research and through recognition of current affairs in the realm of the cancer community and the public at large (e.g., mapping of the genome, mammography standards, promising discoveries at the bench).

Excellence in Cancer Awareness
We are fortunate in our country to have many great corporate leaders, athletes and other high profile citizens who are dedicated public servants.  This nominee should reflect a commitment to cancer prevention and early detection through a special campaign or event, influencing public policy, improving access to screening and treatment and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.

Previous Award Recipients


Abby Blunt, spouse of Sen. Roy Blunt (Missouri)
Hoda Kotb, co-anchor of “TODAY” and co-host of “TODAY” with Hoda & Jenna
Chris Evert, tennis champion


Terry Loebsack, spouse to Rep. Dave Loebsack (Iowa)
Craig Melvin, news anchor for “Today”, co-host of “Today” 3rd hour and anchor on MSNBC Live
Ken Jeong, actor/producer/writer/comedian
Games Done Quick, charity video game marathon organization


LeeAnn Johnson, spouse of Rep. Bill Johnson (Ohio) 
Amanda Soto, spouse of Rep. Darren Soto (Fla.) 
Patrick Dempsey, actor/producer and founder of the Dempsey Center 
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Helen Green, spouse of Rep. Gene Green (Texas)
Kasey Crowley, spouse of Rep. Joe Crowley (N.Y.)
Norah O’Donnell, “CBS This Morning”
Phil Kessel, NHL Hockey Player for the Pittsburgh Penguins
Watch highlights from the 2018 luncheon as featured on the Pittsburgh Penguins “In the Room” (Begins at 17:25)


Sarah Hospodor-Pallone, spouse of Rep. Frank Pallone (N.J.)
Marie Royce, spouse of Rep. Edward Royce (Calif.)
Laurie McGinley, health/medical reporter for The Washington Post
Sun Bum®
 and Protect The Groms®


Patricia Mica, spouse of former Rep. John Mica (Fla.)
Summer Sanders, Olympic champion and television host
Amy Robach, news anchor, ABC’s “Good Morning America”

2016 Luncheon highlights video:



Franki Roberts, spouse of Rep. Pat Roberts (Kan.)
Sharon Percy Rockefeller, President and Chief Executive Officer, WETA
Siddhartha Mukherjee, M.D, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Columbia University
Sandra Lee, Chef, author and television personality


Linda Bachus, spouse of Rep. Spencer Bachus (Ala.)
Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC News Chief Medical Editor
CVS Health, accepted by Dr. Andrew Sussman President, MinuteClinic and SVP/Associate Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health



Landra Reid, spouse of Sen. Harry Reid (Nev.)
Andrea Mitchel, NBC News and Host, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports
Shannon Miller, Olympian
Healthy Base Initiative, Department of Defense (Special Recognition)

2013 Luncheon highlights videos:

Lisa McGovern – Introduction to the 2013 Awards Luncheon

Carolyn Aldigé – Introduction to the Prevent Cancer Foundation

Jennifer Griffin – Her Story and Awards Introduction

Landra Reid – Congressional Families Leadership Award

Andrea Mitchell – Distinguished Service in Journalism Award

Shannon Miller – Excellence in Cancer Awareness

Healthy Base Initiative – Special Recognition


Marcelle Leahy, spouse of Sen. Patrick Leahy (Vt.)
Barbara Morris-Lent, spouse of the late Rep. Norman Lent (N.Y.)
Jennifer Griffin, national security correspondent, (FOX News Channel)
Dara Torres, Olympian
Ellen Noghès, spouse, H.E. the former Ambassador of Monaco (Special Recognition)


Freda Manzullo, spouse of Rep. Don Manzullo (Ill.)
Erin Andrews, ESPN Game Day
Steve Andrews, seven-time Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist
Former Congressman Mike Castle, Del., Special Recognition
Congresswoman Lois Capps (Calif.)



Liz’s Legacy, University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Eppley Cancer Center
Sam Champion, weather anchor, “Good Morning America” (ABC)
Chef José Andrés, winner of the James Beard Outstanding Chef Award in 2011


Betty Ann Tanner, spouse of former Congressman John Tanner (Tenn.)
Kelly Corrigan, author and journalist
Scott Hamilton, Olympian


Suzie Dicks, spouse of former Congressman Norm Dicks (Wash.)
Diana Enzi, spouse of Senator Mike Enzi (Wyo.)
Robin Roberts, co-anchor, “Good Morning America” (ABC)
Former Congresswoman Deborah Pryce (Ohio)


89858-006-015fBarbara Grassley, spouse of Senator Charles Grassley (Iowa)
Barbara Johnson, spouse of Senator Tim Johnson (S.D.)
Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent (CNN)
Phil Gordon and Rafe Furst, Founders, Bad Beat on Cancer


Elizabeth Edwards, spouse of former Senator John Edwards (N.C.)
Joel Siegel, film critic, “Good Morning America” (ABC)
Wendy Chioji, news anchor, WESH, Orlando (Fla.)
Dr. Arvin S. Glicksman, Rhode Island Cancer Council


Cecile Tauzin, spouse of former Congressman Billy Tauzin (La.)
Deirdre Imus, author and environmentalist
Karyn Green, news anchor, WXIA 11, Atlanta (Ga.)
Lance Armstrong and Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hope (Special Recognition)


Linda Dooley, spouse of former Congressman Cal Dooley (Calif.)
The Weather Channel
Mayor Thomas Menino, Boston (Mass.)
Former Congresswoman Sue Myrick (N.C.)


Priscilla Dewey Houghton, spouse of former Congressman Amo Houghton (N.Y.)
Cokie Roberts, news anchor (ABC)
The SHADE Foundation – Curt and Shonda Schilling Melanoma Foundation of America and The SunWise School Program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency


Barbara Bush, former First Lady
Ann Curry, co-anchor, “Today Show” (NBC)
Susan Love, MD, author and advocate


71375_Cancer_00088_eBarbara Everett, spouse of former Congressman Terry Everett (Ala.)
Melissa Thomas, director, Breast, Education, Screening and Treatment (BEST) program (Ohio)
Leslie Mouton, news anchor, KSAT-TV, San Antonio (Texas)


Tamra Bentsen, spouse of former Congressman Ken Bentsen (Texas)
Jill Biden, spouse of Vice President Joseph Biden
Ruth Ann LaMott and Barbara Raehl, Navigator Program, Munson Medical Center (Mich.)
Shirley Ruedy, health columnist, Cedar Rapids Gazette (Iowa)
Former Senator Connie Mack (Fla.) (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Former Congressman John Porter (Ill.) (Lifetime Achievement Award)


Debbie Dingell, spouse of Congressman John Dingell (Mich.)
Katie Couric, co-anchor, “Today Show” (NBC)
Dick Hirsh, MD, founder, Radiology Mammography International


Sam Donaldson, news anchor (ABC)
Mary Jane Fate, advocate, state of Alaska
Nancy Murkowski, spouse of Senator Frank Murkowski (Ala.)
Sue Ann Thompson, Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation/spouse of Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson


71375_Cancer_00096_eFormer Senator Connie Mack and Mrs. Pricilla Mack (Fla.)
Andrea Roane, news anchor and reporter, WUSA 9 News; and the Women of Channel 9


General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
John Mack Carter, journalist
Dolores Beilenson, spouse of former Congressman Anthony Beilenson (Calif.)


Susan Ford Bales, daughter of President Gerald Ford and First Lady Betty Ford
Dr. Elmer Huerta, director, Cancer Preventorium, Washington Cancer Institute
Jane Seymour, actress and advocate
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Supreme Court Justice


Paula Zahn, co-anchor, “CBS This Morning”
Harry Smith, co-anchor, “CBS This Morning”


Phyllis Newman, actress and advocate
Former Senator Bob Dole (Kan.)
Congresswoman Doris Matsui, founder of Congressional Families Action for Cancer Awareness program, spouse of Congressman Bob Matsui (Calif.)

Educational Seminars and Webinars

Congressional Families regularly hosts seminars and webinars, bringing together members, health professionals and medical experts; creating dialogue and equipping members with tools to bring the message of cancer prevention and detection back to their communities.

Upcoming Educational Events

Please check back later.

Past Events

“Going beyond the pink: Congressional Families hosts breast cancer disparities webinarGoing beyond the pink: Congressional Families hosts breast cancer disparities webinar, October 20, 2021
More than 100 congressional spouses and members of the Hill community gathered for a Congressional Families Program webinar on “Understanding Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines and Overcoming Disparities.”
Read more.


“Stay Skin Healthy: Skin Care Advice from a Leading DermatologistStay Skin Healthy: Skin Care Advice from a Leading Dermatologist, July 22, 2021
The Congressional Families Program co-hosted a webinar with the Congressional Club—“Stay Skin Healthy: Ask the Expert”—featuring board-certified dermatologist Dr. Patricia Lucey.
Read more.


“Too Young for This Sh*t: The Rise of Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer” WebcastToo Young for This Sh*t: The Rise of Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer” Webcast, April 22, 2019
On April 22, Congressional Families hosted a live webcast at the National Association of Broadcasters to address the issue of rising rates of colorectal cancer in adults under 50. Read more and watch the webcast.



“What your zip code says about your health,” April 19, 2018
On April 19, the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program hosted a webcast at the National Association of Broadcasters to discuss how where you live affects your health, with a focus on cancer and cancer prevention. Read more about this discussion and watch the webcast.



“Check Your Mate” seminar, February 15, 2018
Congressional Families hosted a seminar on February 15 to educate Congressional spouses about the importance of “checking your mate” for early signs of cancer and pre-cancer. Read more.



“How to reach out in YOUR district or state seminar,” October 4, 2017
On October 4, 2017, Congressional spouses gathered to share how to effectively use the tools and materials Congressional Families provides back in their districts. Read more.



Think About the Link® on Capitol Hill, June 29, 2017
Every year, thousands of men and women lose their lives to cervical cancer, liver cancer and other cancers caused by viruses. Read more.




Breast Health Education for Young Women seminar, June 13, 2017
Congressional spouses gathered on May 24 to learn how to engage with young women in their home districts on breast health education with the help of the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Breast Health Education for Young Women: Facilitator’s Guide. Read more about this seminar.



Harnessing the power of social media, March 29, 2017
On March 29, Tammy Gordon, founder of Verified Strategy, a digital strategy and marketing firm, led a seminar on Harnessing the Power of Social Media for congressional spouses. Read more.



Cancer Prevention Leaders Honored at the 24th Annual Congressional Families Awards Luncheon
, September 29, 2016
The Program’s signature event recognizes leaders in cancer prevention, bringing together a bipartisan group of supporters
Read more.


Mindfulness Briefing PhotoMindfulness, Meditation and Disease Prevention, June 15, 2016
A discussion at the U.S. Capitol about the role meditation and mindfulness play in disease prevention, stress reduction and healthy living
Read more.



Hazards and Allure of Indoor Tanning Beds Briefing, May 20, 2015

A panel discussion about the dangers of indoor tanning beds and their accessibility to college students. Read more.



Lifestyle Matters Seminar, March 25, 2015
Dr. Nelson role delves into how lifestyle factors, such as a healthy diet, exercise, social support, and the environment play in reducing one’s risk for cancer. Read more.




2014 Annual Action for Cancer Awareness Awards Luncheon, September 18, 2014
At the 22nd annual awards luncheon cancer advocates were honored for their leadership in prevention. Read more.




Group-Shot-150x1502013 Annual Action for Cancer Awareness Awards Luncheon, November 19, 2013
The 21st annual signature event for the Congressional Families Program honored advocates for highlighting cancer prevention. Read more.




Panel-150x150Women’s Cancers: New Science, New Activism, September 19, 2013
Actress, actor, and activist Fran Drescher joins with scientists to explore impacts of environmental risks on women’s cancers. Read more and watch event video.




Super-Colon-1-Jim-and-Lisa-150x150Prevent Cancer Super Colon Visits Worcester, Mass., August 17, 2013
Over 400 visited the Prevent Cancer Super Colon at the 23rd Annual Latin American Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts. Read more.



Queen-Bee-Event-150x150Hive on the Hill: Queen Bee Trunk Show, August 1, 2013
The Queen Bee trunk show offered a one day sale on all Queen Bee creations, generously donating a portion of the proceeds to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Read more.



Healthy Strategies for Children and Families
June 18, 2013 – Webcast
(Thank you to the National Association of Broadcasters for making this webcast possible).

Your Family Medical History: Why and What You Should Know
May 1, 2013 – Webcast
(Thank you to the National Association of Broadcasters for making this webcast possible).


IMG_1808-150x150Healthy Base Initiative Briefing, March 12, 2013
Representatives from the Department of Defense came to Capitol Hill to brief congressional spouses on the Healthy Base Initiative, a program the military is piloting to implement healthy habits among personnel. Read more.

Congressional Families helps congressional spouses organize, attend, highlight or connect with cancer-related events and organizations in their home districts. If you are interested in working with us on an activity in your district, email Lisa at

Past Events

LeeAnn JohnsonExecutive Council member LeeAnn Johnson hosts Cancer Prevention Day
November 2, 2019
Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program® Executive Council member LeeAnn Johnson (spouse of Rep. Bill Johnson, Ohio), in collaboration with Memorial Health System and the Congressional Families Program®, hosted a Cancer Prevention, Early Detection & Wellness Day in Marietta, Ohio. The public event featured a Q&A discussion with medical experts and Congressional Families Executive Director Lisa McGovern, cancer screenings, wellness demonstrations and walk-through inflatable organs.

Congressional Families Executive Director Lisa McGovern, Colleen Ochoa Peters (spouse of Sen. Gary Peters, D-MI), Cindy Bergman (spouse of Rep. Jack Bergman, R-MI), along with Ellen Noghès (spouse of former Ambassador of Monaco to the U.S. Gilles Noghès)Bipartisan spouses visit McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital November 9, 2018
Congressional Families Executive Director Lisa McGovern, Colleen Ochoa Peters (spouse of Sen. Gary Peters, D-MI), Cindy Bergman (spouse of Rep. Jack Bergman, R-MI), along with Ellen Noghès (spouse of former Ambassador of Monaco to the U.S. Gilles Noghès) visited McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital, which is supported by a Prevent Cancer Foundation community grant.

Op-ed Resources

Publish an Op-ed in Your Community

Many spouses promote cancer awareness in their communities by publishing an op-ed in their local state papers. An op-ed is a piece published under your name in your local paper; this is an effective way to educate your community.

Congressional Families offers monthly op-ed templates on coordinating national cancer awareness months. If you would like to publish an op-ed in your local paper please email or call Lisa McGovern or Cassie Smith (703) 837-3697 for a copy of this month’s template.

See an example of an op-ed published by spouse Barbara Grassley in her state newspaper.

Connect on Social Media

Congressional Families sends sample social media posts on a weekly basis coinciding with cancer awareness observances and other related events. This is a great way to connect with your constituents to spread education about cancer prevention. If you would like to receive these social media posts, please email Lisa McGovern or Cassie Smith.


Each spring and fall, Congressional Families sends out Actions, its bi-annual print newsletter. Click on the links to see a digital version of the newsletter and catch up with Congressional Families.

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