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“We are deeply thankful for the truly amazing effort the Prevent Cancer Foundation undertook in creating an incredibly comprehensive tool.”
— Enrique Soto, M.D., National Institute of Medical Science and Nutrition Salvador Zubiran, Mexico

Educación sobre la salud del seno para las mujeres jóvenesBreast Health Education for Young Women Facilitator's GuideThe Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Breast Health Education for Young Women Facilitator’s Guide (Educación sobre la salud del seno para las jóvenes) is designed to increase young women’s knowledge about breast health. Updated in 2020, this user-friendly educational tool has been used in communities far and wide to reach young women with information about breast health and breast cancer. The guide was developed to use in interactive group sessions—whether in person or virtual—and to encourage information sharing with female relatives who are age-appropriate for screening. An updated Spanish-language version of the guide is also underway. Learn more about the guide’s history and use in communities in the sections below.

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From urban schools in Minnesota and health fairs in New York to a health center in Bermuda, educators are using the guide in schools and community settings to teach breast health to young women. “The materials were straightforward and easy to use,” commented a facilitator from Texas. Nurses, health educators and group leaders have used the facilitator’s guide to cover breast cancer myths and facts and to encourage young women to advocate for their health.

Breast Health Education for Young Women has many roots, none more significant than Project Early Awareness, a breast health program for public high school students in Washington, DC, which has one of the highest state-level breast cancer mortality rates in the US. Begun in 2001 by Howard University Cancer Center in partnership with the Foundation, the program was designed as a long-term solution to reduce breast cancer disparities. The Foundation funded and supported the program from 2001 to 2010.

In 2017 the Foundation translated this guide into Spanish for groups in the United States which prefer the Spanish language, as well as for Spanish-speaking groups in other countries around the globe. The addition of the Spanish guide greatly extends the scope of the facilitator’s guide and allows us to reach more young women with important breast health messages. 

Below are additional resources for the Breast Health Education for Young Women Facilitators Guide

A continuación se presentan recursos adicionales para la Guía para el facilitador de Educación sobre la salud del seno para las jóvenes

Video Resources / Recursos de vídeo

Breast Cancer Survivor Story /  Historia del superviviente del cáncer de seno

Additional Resources / Recursos adicionales

Below are electronic sample letters for superintendent/principal, parent/guardian, and a student assent form to indicate permission to participate. These can also be found in the Sample Form section of the guide.

A continuación se presentan muestras electrónicas de cartas para el superintendente/ director, padre/tutor y un formulario de consentimiento del estudiante para indicar el permiso para participar. Estos también se pueden encontrar en la sección Modelos de Formularios en la guía.

Sample Forms Formularios de muestra
Superintendent/ Principal Letter Carta al director/ superintendente escolar
Parent Guardian Assent Letter Carta de acuerdo del padre/ tutor
Student Assent Form Formulario de asentimiento para alumnos

Below are sample pre-test, post-test and participant feedback forms to be used in conjunction with Breast Health Education for Young Women sessions. While use of these items is optional, comparing participants’ scores on the pre- and post-tests provides you with an indication of how much they learned in Breast Health Education for Young Women sessions.

A continuación, se presentan ejemplos de muestras de pruebas previas, posteriores y de retroalimentación de los participantes que se utilizarán conjuntamente con las sesiones de Educación sobre la salud del seno para las jóvenes. Si bien el uso de estos elementos es opcional, comparar las puntuaciones de los participantes en las pruebas previas y posteriores le proporciona una indicación de cuánto aprendieron en las sesiones de Educación sobre la salud del seno para las jóvenes.

Sample Forms Formularios de muestra
Pre-Test Prueba de conocimientos previos
Pre-Test Key Clave de respuestas a la prueba de conocimientos previos
Post-Test Prueba de conocimientos posteriores
Post-Test Key Clave de respuestas a la prueba de conocimientos posteriores
Participant Feedback Form Formulario de comentarios de las participantes

If you choose to use the sample evaluation forms as written in the Sample Forms section, the Prevent Cancer Foundation and the Howard University Cancer Center would appreciate it if you would share your data with us so we can gain a better understanding of the usefulness of this facilitator’s guide. Please send compiled results or copies of pre- and post-tests and feedback forms to the address below.

Si elige utilizar los modelos de formularios de evaluación de la sección Modelos de formularios, la Prevent Cancer Foundation y el Howard University Cancer Center agradecerán que envíe estos datos a ambas instituciones, ya que les permitirá comprender mejor cuán útil es la guía para el facilitador en todo el país. Por favor, envíe los resultados recopilados o copias de las pruebas de conocimientos previos y posteriores y los formularios de comentarios a:

Prevent Cancer Foundation
Programs Division
1600 Duke Street, Suite 500
Alexandria, VA 22314

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