International Community Leadership Grants

The Prevent Cancer Foundation has partnered with the Union for International Cancer Control to fund organized regional meetings titled ‘Leadership in Action’ to support senior executives of cancer control organizations by fostering leadership skills at regional levels.  The grants are designed to inspire regional collaborations and provide opportunities to work together to meet the needs of the region.

The first five grants were awarded in December 2017 to the following select individuals and their organizations.

Adela AyensaName: Adela Ayensa
Organization: Salvati AC, Mexico
Host institution: FEMAMA, Brazil
Project Title: Your moment to fight (Tu momento de luchar)

Visit objectives:

  • Strengthen advocacy efforts focused on the rights of metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients.
  • Learn about policy-making to include MBC patients’ rights (e.g. treatment choices) in Mexico’s public health agenda.

Alexandra NuñezName: Alexandra Nuñez
Organization: Asociación Tour Rosa de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Host institution: Instituto Desiderata, Brazil

Project Title: Project Hope, united against cancer (Proyecto Esperanza unidos contra el cáncer)

Visit objectives:

  • Improve the organisation’s educational program on early detection.
  • Strengthen advocacy efforts in order to create a national forum bringing in all key stakeholders, with the ultimate goal to develop public policies that will promote early detection and access to treatment for all.

Neli PadillaName: Neli Padilla
Organization: Asociación Hondureña de Lucha Contra el Cáncer, Honduras
Host institution: Registro Poblacional de Cáncer de Cali, Colombia

Project Title: Knowledge of practices, procedures, and methodology of the Cali Population-based Cancer Registry (Conocimiento de prácticas, procedimientos y metodología del Registro Poblacional de Cáncer de Cali)

Visit objectives:

  • Apply new methods and practices to improve the quality of data in the existing hospital registry.
  • Learn how to establish a functional and high quality population-based cancer registry.

Ana RodríguezName: Ana Rodríguez
Organization: Comisión Honoraria de Lucha Contra el Cáncer, Uruguay
Host institution: Asociación Mexicana de Lucha contra el Cáncer, Mexico

Project Title: Improve leadership skills and organizational management (Mejorar en la capacidad de liderazgo y gestión organizativa)

Visit objectives:

  • Learn about organizational management in times of restructuring.
  • Improve engagement with national and international organizations, as well as with patients and the general community.

Lisseth Ruiz de CamposName: Lisseth Ruiz de Campos
Organization: Asociación Salvadoreña para la Prevención del Cáncer (ASAPRECAN), El Salvador
Host institution: Liga Argentina de Lucha Contra el Cáncer (LALCEC), Argentina
Project Title: Learn to grow (Aprender para crecer)

Visit objectives:

  • Learn about management of sustainable funding, diversifying funding sources, and strengthening fundraising efforts.
  • Improve communication skills, including learning how to effectively engage via social media.



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