The Prevent Cancer Foundation® announces selections for inaugural young adult advisory committee

13 were chosen for the PreventGEN committee to provide perspective of younger generations on cancer prevention and early detection

Published on August 22, 2019

Updated on September 9, 2019

The Prevent Cancer Foundation® announces selections for inaugural young adult advisory committee

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Contact: Lisa Berry Edwards

Alexandria, VA— The Prevent Cancer Foundation® welcomes thirteen young adults to its first-ever committee to increase awareness and education of cancer prevention and early detection among younger generations. The committee, named PreventGEN, includes members who are between the ages of 18-35 or work closely with people of that age range.

PreventGEN committee members will collaborate with Foundation staff on ideas for campaigns, programs, concepts and content. Their feedback will be instrumental in helping the Foundation extend its mission of saving lives across all populations through cancer prevention and early detection.

“Colorectal cancer is on the rise in adults under 50 and skin cancer continues to be a rampant problem for teens and young adults,” said Carolyn Aldigé, Founder and CEO of the Prevent Cancer Foundation®. “Prevention can’t wait. The remarkable young adults making up the PreventGEN committee will be a great asset in ensuring our messaging connects with younger generations and empowers them to make choices to reduce their risk of developing cancer.”

PreventGEN committee members were chosen for their professional experience, perspective on younger generations and deeply personal connections to cancer and cancer prevention.

Congratulations to 2019 PreventGEN committee members:

Thomas Abraham will be attending Northwestern Pritzker School of Law in the fall, where he hopes to use his degree to strengthen his understanding of the legal, regulatory and business implications of cancer research. He also has experience studying cancer biology in his undergraduate program.

Elisabeth Clymer Hockersmith is the program manager at Cancer Pathways, where she works on a national risk reduction education curriculum for teens and runs a cancer navigation program for workplaces.

Carolina Garcia, MPHE, CHES, is a licensed public health educator – care manager at AMITA Health, where she focuses on prevention and addressing social determinants of health through health promotion strategies in a holistic manner.

Suzanne Hafiz, MPH, CHES, is a PN2-certified precision nutrition coach, as well as a health education and promotion assistant at Benedictine University.

Sandra Lee, M.D., is a board-certified dermatologist with a dermatology practice and a successful TV show on TLC, Dr. Pimple Popper.

Lorena Martinez Cuellar, MPH, is a health center manager at Clinicas del Camino Real, where she works to ensure members of the community have access to quality health care.

Violet Marquardt is a student at DePaul University studying public relations and advertising with a minor in community service studies. She is also a social media manager at Gossip Genie, where she works with clients to create social media strategies to grow their reach.

Gabriela Morales, Ph.D., CCHW, is an assistant professor of health communication and director of the community health worker training program at Manchester University. Her focus is on the importance of communication in the health care field and the representation of minority populations in empirical data.

Brandi Preston is the community services manager for Jean Stothert, mayor of Omaha, Nebraska. She is also the Founder of Kamie K. Preston Hereditary Cancer Foundation, which provides genetic testing, educates the population on cancer risks and supports patients in treatment.

Elisa Salazar is an account director at an advertising agency in Chicago. She works closely with her clients to build successful marketing programs that support their business goals and objectives. Elisa was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2018 and has become an advocate in the young adult cancer community.

Alicia Storkamp works as a professional singer in the Twin Cities and is a weekly host at Children’s MN. After becoming inspired to live a healthier lifestyle, Alicia has been passionate about educating and inspiring others to prioritize their health.

Kelly Jamieson Thomas, Ph.D., has 10 years of experience as a clinical and investigative cancer researcher. Recently, she created Cultivated Curiosity, which is focused on improving wellness to prevent chronic disease. 

Vanessa Uzoh, MS, CHES, recently received a Master of Science degree in health promotion management. She has experience in public health, community health promotion and clinical research in minority populations for breast and cervical cancer. Within the last year, she founded Wellness for Her, a faith-based wellness program for women.

About The Prevent Cancer Foundation®

The Prevent Cancer Foundation® is one of the nation’s leading voluntary health organizations and the only U.S. nonprofit organization focused solely on cancer prevention and early detection. Founded in 1985, it has catapulted cancer prevention to prominence and fulfills its mission through research, education, outreach and advocacy.

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