The Weekly: FDA to regulate e-cigarettes using synthetic nicotine, cancer genetics to help with treatment and more

Published on April 22, 2022

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FDA now able to regulate e-cigarettes that use synthetic nicotine

FRIDAY, April 15 (The Hill) — The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now has oversight to regulate e-cigarette products from vaping companies operating under a loophole that was closed by a new law.

The law, which took effect Thursday, gives the FDA authority to regulate e-cigarettes and other products that use synthetic nicotine, a move that targets vaping companies that use manufactured nicotine to circumvent FDA regulation and sell the products to teenagers.

In other news. . .

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Trusting your gut

If someone had told me a hurricane and a global pandemic would get in the way of me getting a colonoscopy, I wouldn’t have believed them. From learning I was lactose intolerant as a middle schooler to cutting gluten and other foods out of my diet throughout my 30s, I had been chasing gastrointestinal issues for years. My doctor recommended I get a colonoscopy, but I chalked up my symptoms to stomach troubles. I never thought it could be cancer.

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