2019 Presentation Slides – Quantitative Imaging Workshop

Overview: Quantitative Imaging Workshop XVI
James L. Mulshine, MD, Rush University

Cancer Imaging Program
Janet F. Eary, MD, Cancer Imaging Program, National Cancer Institute

Lung Cancer Models and How to Improve Them
Olga Gorlova, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine

Update on the QIBA Lung Density Profile and the Relationship Between Lung Density and Lung Cancer
Charles Hatt, PhD, Imbio LLC and University of Michigan

Benefits of Combining Lung Cancer, COPD and Cardiovascular Imaging Into One Low-dose CT Scan
Bruce Pyenson, FSA, MAAA, Milliman, Inc. 

Building Collaboration in Advancing Thoracic Screening
Heidi Schmidt, MD, Cardiothoracic Imaging, University of Toronto 

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