Check Your Mate®

Early detection of some cancers doesn’t seem very romantic, but it can be sexy and fun! Take the time to get to know your partner’s body and detect any irregularities that could be the first signs of cancer. What’s more romantic than saving your partner’s life by detecting cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage?

As with any self-exam, talk to your health care professional immediately if any irregularities are detected.

Ready to feel the love and check your mate? Check out the early detection tips below and learn more on the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s breast, testicular and skin cancer pages.

Breast Cancer

Feel for abnormal lumps, tenderness or changes to breasts. Learn more about breast health and breast cancer by visiting our breast cancer prevention page.

Check Your Mate

Check Your Mate

Skin Cancer

In bed, in the shower or anywhere you might find yourself in the nude with your partner, take a few minutes to look for changes in your partner’s skin. The ABCDE rule is a quick and easy way to remember red flags for suspicious moles. Learn more by visiting our skin cancer prevention page.

Check Your Mate

Check Your Mate

Testicular Cancer

Feel for any abnormal lumps, tenderness or changes to the testes. Learn more about testicular cancer early detection by visiting our testicular cancer prevention page.

Check Your Mate

Check Your Mate

As You Age

Your cancer risk increases as you age, so make sure you continue to “check your mate” for any changes or irregularities. Explore your partner’s body and perform body checks often—at any age!  

Check Your Mate

It’s best to get in the habit of checking your mate on a regular basis. You may or may not find anything out of the ordinary, but you and your partner will have fun doing it!

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