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The Weekly: Genes and breast cancer risk, colon cancer screening coverage, and more

Feature story New studies clarify which genes may raise breast cancer risk WEDNESDAY, January 20, 2021 (ABC | The Associated Press)—Two large studies give a much sharper picture of which inherited mutations raise the risk of breast cancer for women without a family history of the disease, and how common these flawed genes are in the general […]

The Weekly: Cancer death rate falls, colonoscopy alternatives, and more

Feature story Cancer Death Rate in U.S. Falls by Largest Yearly Amount on Record TUESDAY, January 12, 2021 (Wall Street Journal)—The death rate from cancer in the U.S. dropped 2.4% from 2017 to 2018, the biggest single-year decline on record and a sign of the impact of new treatments on lung cancer especially, the American Cancer Society said. […]

The Weekly: Misinformation about HPV vaccine, colorectal cancer prevention law, and more

Feature story Misinformation About HPV Vaccine Goes “Viral” In Thousands Of Facebook Posts THURSDAY, January 7, 2021 (Forbes)—When it comes to health and medical misinformation, social media is seeing its day. And by “day,” I mean Groundhog Day. Vaccine misinformation has thrived on social media, in large part due to celebrity influence, fearmongering, and tugging […]

The Weekly: Genetic testing, skin cancer risk in winter, and more

Feature story My Terminal Breast Cancer Was Misdiagnosed for a Year. Genetic Testing Saved My Sister from the Same Fate. WEDNESDAY, December 16, 2020 (Good Housekeeping)—Having chosen to change careers in my late 20s to become a chef, I had accepted that aches and pains are part of the job — regardless, I loved what I was […]

The Weekly: Cancer patients and Covid-19, equity in health care and more

Feature story New cancer patients—especially Black people—are more susceptible to severe Covid-19 infections THURSDAY, December 10, 2020 (Stat News)—Recently diagnosed cancer patients are more vulnerable to Covid-19 infection and face more severe illness than people without cancer, a risk that is significantly higher for Black people than for white people with both diseases, a large new […]

The Weekly: Young adults and cancer, teenage vaping, and more

Feature story Cancers in U.S. Teens, Young Adults Have Risen by 30% Since 1970s: Study THURSDAY, December 3, 2020 (U.S. News & World Report)—Cancer cases among U.S. teens and young adults have shot up 30% since the 1970s, new research reveals. Kidney cancer has risen at the greatest rate, increasing more than threefold among young men […]

The Weekly: Lung cancer, cancer screenings and more

Feature story Race, Ethnicity, and Lung Cancer: An Expert Perspective on Improving Care WEDNESDAY, November 18 (Healthline)—Lung cancer is the second-most common cancer in the United States and the leading cause of cancer-related deaths. An estimated 228,820 people in the country will develop new cases of lung cancer this year, and roughly 135,720 will die from it, […]

The Weekly: Obamacare, male breast cancer and more

Feature story Obamacare Helped More Americans Spot Cancers Early: Study THURSDAY, November 12 (HealthDay News)—As the Affordable Care Act faces scrutiny once more from the U.S. Supreme Court, new research shows it may be helping to save American lives otherwise lost to cancer. The study found that expansions of health insurance coverage through Medicaid — a feature […]

The Weekly: Breast cancer barriers, screenings during pandemic and more

Feature story After a breast cancer diagnosis, many Black women face barriers that delay their care THURSDAY, November 5 (STAT News)—Tamiko Byrd was only 43 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in October 2015. The diagnosis shook Byrd, who had spent years as a fitness instructor and health educator in underserved Black communities, to […]

The Weekly: Colorectal cancer screening age lowered, breast cancer and more

Feature story Colon cancer screening should start at 45, panel recommends TUESDAY, October 27 (NBC)—Screening for colorectal cancer should start at age 45, five years earlier than is currently recommended, according to draft guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The update was prompted by recent studies showing the rate of colorectal cancer rising in younger people, […]