Step Away 5K: With a Huff and a Puff

Published on June 3, 2010

Updated on November 4, 2019

Finally got my rear in gear and headed back into the gym.  There was a lot more huffing and puffing than normal and muscles that were getting lazy registered their displeasure with soreness.

Road Block
Somehow I felt no shame about being lazy while pushing my sister or the fact that I accepted the challenge again.  We all must deal with something in our lives.  For me, it was quite simply that I was beginning to feel like crap: not only physically but mentally.   Like you, my body knows what it wants and needs.   I listened and obeyed.

Sister Fitness
Today however, I took my sister Brenda with me to the gym.  At 6:30 am, off we went and within 10 minutes on an elliptical, she was ready to call it a day.  Holding onto that machine for dear life 5 minutes in, she announced she was done.  At 7 minutes, she gasped that she couldn’t take it anymore.  I coaxed her on telling her to slow the pace and get a gentle rhythm.  Finally at 10 minutes, sweating and mumbling, Brenda dismounted, walked away and “rested” on an incumbent bike while I finished my cycle.  Then on to some weight machines which were a breeze for her – she’s quite strong.  Last, the exercise ball and floor exercises.  After falling to the floor with a thud, my sister negotiated what she would and won’t do.  This lasted a couple of exercises before I called it a day.  I think the applause that erupted when we left was coincidental.

Results and Inspiration
Now I give my sister a lot of good natured ribbing – but truth be told I’m very proud of her.  She has really embraced a healthier lifestyle, moving past her initial goal of losing 10 lbs in one month, to a new goal of overall health.  Like me she is following the nutrition tips of Dr. Ann Kulze who makes changing the way you think about food easy and understandable.  Dr. Ann provides everything from information on good and bad foods, grocery lists, and wonderful recipes.

I like to call Dr. Ann’s tips: Food for Dummies.  More on that subject later.

Do you work out with a family member or friend? Let me know about your fitness challenges and triumphs! I’d love to hear from you.

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