Jan's 5K Challenge: What It Takes To Get Healthy

Published on September 23, 2010

Updated on November 4, 2019

This Saturday, September 25th the Prevent Cancer Foundation 5K officially ends my challenge. However, the challenge to eat healthy continues.Will I be as successful since I won’t have to blog about it each week? We shall see.

As you know, throughout this challenge there have been many who have shared with me their challenges to eat healthier, exercise regularly and lose weight. None has had a more difficult time in these three areas than my sister Brenda.You might remember I referred to her as a “heart attack waiting to happen.” I’m happy to say she’s stuck to it and lost 25 lbs!

Brenda Bresch and Jan Bresch Mahrer

Like the rest of us, Brenda has had her bumps in the road like buying a gym membership and never using it. She no longer eats a 10 oz steak with a loaded baked potato and calls it “healthy” because she had a salad soaked in creamy ranch dressing with it. She’s making smart choices and it has really paid off. I’m very proud of her.

Brenda is walking with me on Saturday in memory of her friend John, who passed away earlier this year from cancer. John worried about Brenda’s weight, and shortly before he died said: “You look like the side of a barn.”  Not a very nice comment and it quite naturally hurt.  But some people have to be hit over the head – and she’s one of those people.  A doctor saying she had to lose weight was not enough.  John’s comment hit her hard, but it opened her eyes, setting her on a quest to lose weight and get healthy. She just wishes John were here to see her now.

What does it take for you to get healthy and to stay healthy? What motivates you?

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