Memorial Tribute Focuses on Prevention and Early Detection

Published on November 29, 2010

Updated on February 13, 2018

John C. Ruckdeschel, M.D.
Director and CEO, Nevada Cancer Institute

I know that the Foundation was established to honor the memory of Carolyn Aldige’s (President and Founder) father and to strike back in some way against the disease, lung cancer, which took his life. Who would have imagined then how extraordinarily successful your efforts would be today?   

Over the years there have been many advocacy groups that have arisen and a great deal of rhetoric expended, but through it all you and the foundation have been there doing what has truly been needed. Your focus on prevention and early detection, your relentless efforts to engage and educate congress and the federal bureaucracy, and your tireless efforts to keep a ragtag group of frequently unfocused scientists and clinicians together are now bearing fruit in countless ways.

The Foundation has earned the unflagging respect of the cancer community, and I am confident that as our group ages out, and is replaced by new leaders in Oncology, the Foundation will be there to continue this effort until we have won. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: This post is  part of the 25th Anniversary Testimonials Initiative.

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