Sitting for Long Periods of Time Increases Cancer Risk

November 4, 2011

Increasing daily physical activity is a great way to lower your cancer risk, but now there is another risk factor that you should know about – being seated for long periods of time is strongly linked to an increased risk for colorectal and breast cancer. “It seems highly likely that the longer you sit, the higher your risk,” said Neville Owen, PhD of Australia’s Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. Dr. Owen presented the research this week at the American Institute for Cancer Research Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

For many office workers, who are seated for most of their work day, this may sound unavoidable. However, the article suggests even taking a one or two minute break an hour can help. Tips include: getting a glass of water, refilling your coffee mug or just walking a lap around the office to help reduce your risk.

Read the full WebMD article below.
Is Sitting Too Long a Major Cancer Risk?

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