Speed Demos Archive Gears Up for 2nd 6 Day Marathon to benefit Prevent Cancer Foundation

Published on January 3, 2012

Updated on September 6, 2018

Speed Demos Archive, the internet’s leading source for video game speed run videos, is all about finishing games as quickly as possible, and we have videos of over 650 games done by players all across the world.

SDA Members at the 2011 "Awesome Games Done Quick"

Beginning tomorrow, we will be hosting an event where our site’s members will be using their skills to raise money for a fantastic organization—the Prevent Cancer Foundation. From January 4 -9, we will hold a video game charity marathon called “Awesome Games Done Quick 2012.”  Approximately 80 of our site’s community members will gather together at the Chevy Chase 4-H community center to play through over 100 different games non-stop as fast as they can. These games range from NES classics such as Super Mario Bros. and Mega Man 2, to recent titles such as Portal 2 and Halo: Reach.  The entire event will be streamed live via on our front page and all the while, we’ll be taking donations for PCF.

(L. to R.) Speed Demos Archive members Mike Uyama, Chip Vogel and Timothy Peters with Prevent Cancer Foundation E.V.P. & COO Jan Bresch and Special Events Senior Director Linda Chastain

During the event, we will also be raffling off some great prizes for our viewers who generously donate during our marathon. A Legend of Zelda Master Sword, a Super Meat Boy tenderizer, games (including a boxed copy of Earthbound!), a Sonic comic collection, perlers (bead art) and plushies are only a portion of what we’ll be giving away!  Donors will also be able to influence certain things that happen during gameplay. Things like character names, gameplay variations and specific challenges will be determined by the highest bidder, creating a fun and interactive experience for the viewers.

This will be the second such event we’ve done to benefit PCF.  Last year, we succeeded in raising over $53,000 and we believe that this one will be bigger and better than the last.  For more information on the event, check out the marathon website, and we invite you to come to our front page from January 4-9th to take part in the round-the-clock fun! It’s going to be a great time–you won’t want to miss it!


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