Training – the First Step to Getting Active This Spring

April 9, 2012

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people are getting off their couches, heading outside and jumping into their favorite outdoor sport. But before you do, you need to prepare your body for the lifestyle change from sedentary, indoor winter to active, outdoor spring.

Josh Lyon, personal training director at 24-Hour Fitness, recommends starting with cardio, strength, alignment and flexibility. Lashaun Dale, the national creative group fitness manager at Equinox gym, recommends circuit classes and interval training classes to exercise different muscle groups and alternate intensity levels.

It is easy to get hurt if your body is not sufficiently ready for the increased activity. Don’t push yourself and work your way up over a few weeks. Staying active is important and can help reduce your cancer risk, but read this article first to avoid unnecessary injury.

Read the full Reuters article.

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