Prevent Cancer Foundation Partners with The Life Tie Project

June 13, 2012

The Prevent Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce a partnership with The Life Tie Project. This inspiring company creates beautiful neckties and scarves designed to start conversations about improving cancer treatment and donates the proceeds of each Life Tie purchase to organizations and initiatives that make a substantial impact on cancer research and prevention. I recently spoke to Sevan Mehrabian, Director of Outreach at The Life Tie Project, about the motivation behind creating the Project, his personal commitment to cancer research and prevention and why the Prevent Cancer Foundation was chosen as one of the organizations that Life Tie supports:

Sevan Mehrabian, Director of Outreach, The Life Tie Project

“After my mother’s struggle with breast cancer, a coworker and I began wearing pink ties on Fridays to remember our loved ones. Pretty soon everyone in our office joined– and casual Fridays became “Pink Tie Fridays”. The incredible thing about this movement was not just the overwhelming participation– but that nearly everyone had their own experience and their own ideas for improving cancer treatment. Wearing pink neckties created its own venue for discussion.

“The growing enthusiasm for our venture inspired us to create a broader social endeavor to benefit cancer patients across the country. By creating products that help people express their own cancer stories and donating proceeds to cancer organizations, we saw ties not just as a way to raise money but also as a means for spurring action in treatment and prevention.

“Life Tie’s goal is to cultivate a new paradigm in health, in which prevention and healthy living is emphasized. We could not have found a better partner than the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  We are especially impressed with the Foundation’s dedication to prevention through educating the public on healthy lifestyle and habits. We also appreciate Prevent Cancer’s advocacy, which ensures federal funding and legislation supportive of vital cancer research. As Father’s Day approaches we cannot help but feel for those fathers that have lost their wives, children and parents to cancer or those who are battling cancer themselves. Our partnership with the Prevent Cancer Foundation will lead to better informed patients, families and communities. By purchasing a necktie for your dad today you directly help fund the Foundation’s efforts, making prevention possible and accessible to all.”

The Prevent Cancer Foundation greatly appreciates the opportunity to work with Sevan and The Life Tie Project. Visit the Prevent Cancer Foundation’s Shop for Prevention page to purchase a Life Tie necktie or scarf and Stop Cancer Before It Starts!

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