Skip the Soda: Grab a Refreshing, Healthy Drink This Summer

June 13, 2012

Summer is right around the corner, as is the need to remain hydrated in the approaching hot weather. Drinking water is a great way to prevent dehydration, but be careful what other liquids you are grabbing this season.

Sugary drinks such as soda are not good for you, especially those sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup. Contrary to popular belief, diet sodas are not a healthier alternative. They have been linked to weight gain and the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Is water getting too boring? Add your favorite fruits or vegetables for infused water. You can get creative with black, green or white iced tea. Fresh juice is a low calorie and refreshing drink for summer. Iced coffee is even a healthier alternative to soda while still providing caffeine.

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