Easy, healthy breakfast in under ten minutes

Published on June 25, 2014

Updated on September 21, 2018

We all love breakfast food – just not when we are running off to work and eating in the car on our commute. Many of us even vouch for skipping breakfast altogether.

For years, I have made it a part of my routine to eat a healthy and tasty breakfast every morning. Like our moms always said, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Studies show that mom is right: eating a healthy breakfast improves your morning concentration, refuels your energy and can help you maintain a healthy weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is an important element in leading an overall healthy lifestyle that can help Stop Cancer Before It Starts!

PLANNING – The key to fitting in a healthy breakfast every morning is to think about it ahead of time. Plan and/or pack your breakfast and lunch the night before. When you wake up in the morning, you will be able to prepare your breakfast faster and reduce time spent staring into the pantry. (Remember: a great morning starts off with lean protein. Protein keeps you full and gives you the needed energy to start the day.)
Here are a few of my favorite recipes that are fast and easy. Some can even be prepared the night before. You might just like breakfast after you read these ideas.

3923870940_4d25eca559_zSalmon and cream cheese bagel. With three ingredients, there is no way to go wrong with this protein-filled breakfast that will keep you full all morning. A bagel sandwich is great to grab as you run out the door and eat on your way to work. Preparation time: 1 minute.


Parfait: Granola with yogurt and fruit. Simple and tasty. The most time-consuming part of this recipe is deciding on your favorite fruit to add. Parfaits travel easy. Toss it together and carry it in a covered container to work. Greek plain yogurt is the healthiest to use. Preparation time: 3 minutes.

Egg scramble. For the hearty eaters, an egg scramble is full of nutrients and will banish your doughnut craving. Add your favorite veggies and cheese to spice up this breakfast. A scramble can be made the night before for a quick morning reheat. My favorite scramble recipe is a savory one: eggs, ground beef and spinach. Preparation time: 6 minutes.

436621571_35bf10eb52_zHam and cheese croissant melt. This recipe is great for multi-taskers. This simple sandwich is fast for when you are on the run or, reluctantly, eating in the car. This breakfast sandwich can be eaten cold or toasted (my favorite). Pop this sandwich in the toaster oven for 2 minutes before heading out the door. Assemble and toast while you make your morning coffee or curl your hair. Preparation time: 5 minutes.

6835999820_ab1d0a905a_zOatmeal with brown sugar and blueberries. Oatmeal takes a little more time to prepare, so plan ahead if you are going to eat it at home, or bring the ingredients to the office for a quick breakfast fix at your desk. Microwaving is the fastest, although I prefer to make it on the stove the old fashioned way. Blueberries or other fruits and nuts are added nutrition, so get creative. Preparation time: 4 minutes (microwave).

No excuses now! Eating a healthy, tasty breakfast is doable every day, no matter how late you decide to sleep in. You will be full until lunch and avoid the 10 am morning munchies. Try it out this week and see if you are more alert, full and ready to take on the work day.

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