Drop your razor: No-Shave November is here

Published on October 30, 2019

No Shave NovemberIt’s the most wonderful time of the year—No-Shave November! Each autumn we team up with our friends at No-Shave November to encourage men and women around the world to drop their razors and spread awareness of cancer prevention—and raise money for important programs and research in the process.

What one family started more than a decade ago has grown into a global phenomenon. This year, join us to keep the tradition strong and embrace your hair to fight cancer and advance prevention.

Here are our favorite ways to get involved this November:

Take the first step: Sign up!
Kick off your No-Shave November plans by officially registering for the month-long journey to get hairy. Set your fundraising goal and add stories and photos to your page to keep it personal.

Enlist your family
Let your family know how and why you’re participating in #NoShaveNovember, and encourage them to join the movement alongside you.

*Pro tip: Have your official page link handy at the Thanksgiving table to get your family in on your mission.

Bring No-Shave November to the office
Who doesn’t love a little workplace competition? Get your co-workers onboard and see who can hold out on shaving for the whole month, who gets the hairiest and who raises the most funds to fight cancer.

*Pro tip: Some employers match charitable donations. Talk to your HR rep about your fundraiser and ask if your company will match contributions.

Make it FB official
Use the power of social media to spread the word and reach your fundraising goal. After you register, post your official No-Shave November page link on Facebook and other social sites to get to your goal.

*Pro tip: Post weekly photos as you get hairy! Apps like Photo 365 can sling daily photos into one short video to help bring your journey to life at the end of the month. Don’t forget to tag @preventcancer!

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