Healthy Habits for Children and Families

As more is known about primary prevention and lifestyle changes that can reduce your risk for cancer, most research indicates that starting at a young age is an important factor in adopting lifetime habits. Unprotected exposure to the sun, tobacco use, and childhood obesity are all factors that lead to an increased risk of cancers in adults. You may be at greater risk for some cancers if you have a personal or family history of cancer or certain diseases. To help determine your risk, complete this family medical history chart and share it with your health care professional and other family members.

childhood obesity [infographic]

Attitudes and habits formed in childhood can strongly influence a person’s future health. What can parents and caregivers do? It is critical that parents set a good example by integrating healthful habits into their family’s daily life. People who don’t smoke, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly, are half as likely to develop serious health problems as those who practice less healthful habits. Many or most of these healthy habits begin in childhood.

By educating your family, teaching children healthy habits and by following them yourself, you can reduce your family’s risk for cancer.

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