Early Detection
= Better Outcomes

Check your health.

Letter from CEO and Chairman of the Board

At the Prevent Cancer Foundation, we are dedicated to making sure people know the routine cancer screenings they need and why early detection is so important. That’s why at the beginning of this year, we set out on a mission to spread this message far and wide through our new signature campaign: Early Detection = Better Outcomes.

But what do we mean by Better Outcomes?

We mean the opportunity to live a long and healthy life beyond a cancer diagnosis. Early detection allows for the potential to have less extensive treatment, more treatment options, and better chances of survival. Every person deserves this chance. By increasing access to cancer education and screenings, especially for people in medically underserved communities, we can improve cancer-related outcomes. Together, we can create a world where cancer is preventable, detectable, and beatable for all.

Your support allows us to spread this message, fund research and innovations in early detection, and empower people to stay ahead of cancer through prevention and early detection. Thank you for helping us give people new hope—and Better Outcomes—when it comes to cancer.


Jody Hoyos
Chief Executive Officer

William “Bill” Magner
Chairman of the Board of Directors