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New Year’s Spirits without the Guilt

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with friends and family, but sweets and drinks at parties can take a toll on your health. Think healthy this New Year’s Eve by trying these festive and tasty guilt-free beverages, and remember everything in moderation is important. Some tips for guilt-free spirits: – Take a pass […]

Winter-Proof Your Workout

Don’t let the cold be an excuse not to exercise. If you enjoy outdoor workouts, you can keep them up all year long despite winter weather. Snow is a great resistance builder—running in snow increases your calorie burn with every stride. Make sure you’re prepared for an outdoor workout with these health and safety tips: […]

This Thanksgiving, Stuff the Turkey Not Yourself

Overeating is as much of a Thanksgiving tradition as parades and football. According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American consumes about 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving.  This year, kick off the holiday season on a healthier note with these tips to prevent the “festive fifteen.” A healthy diet is key to preventing cancer and […]

Make Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Casserole for Less Than 200 Calories

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without my favorite staple side dish- sweet potatoes. Most recipes call for marshmallows, butter and lots of sugar, but an unhealthy diet can increase your risk for cancer. This year, try this healthy take on the Thanksgiving classic. This recipe tastes like an indulgence without all the calories. Sweet Potato […]

Celebrating Cancer Prevention Education at the 5K Walk/Run

Participants of ¡Celebremos la Vida!, a cancer screening education program for underserved Hispanic women, funded by the Prevent Cancer Foundation, will be back for the 5K Walk/Run this year to encourage a healthy lifestyle within their community. They’ve participated for the last two years to raise awareness and funding for cancer prevention and early detection. […]

Heading to College? New routines, no home cooking – Here are tips to stay healthy

College will be full of enriching, fun and challenging experiences. One challenge many freshman are not prepared for is staying healthy in college. Without home-cooked meals, a stocked fridge and sports practice after school, it’s up to you to establish healthy habits on your own. You’re responsible for your health now- start off right, by […]

Make Your Work Day Healthier During National Employee Wellness Month

Today’s guest blog comes from Nicole Handler, a personal trainer, in honor of National Employee Wellness Month. The main reason I workout is for physical health, and I’m not just talking about having a good BMI. We know that leading a healthy lifestyle is critical to keeping some diseases at bay, including cancer. And since […]

Take Your Healthy Lifestyle with You on Vacation

June kicks off the summer vacation season and who isn’t ready for a little rest and relaxation? While enjoying your getaway, don’t forget to keep your health in mind. Making healthy lifestyle part of your everyday routine is necessary in cancer prevention. Sun safety, healthy eating and exercise are important steps we sometimes forget while […]

It’s Men’s Health Month

Today kicks off Men’s Health Month, a national event to raise awareness for the preventive men’s health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cancer is the #2 cause of death for men in the United States. Research has proven that more than half of cancer deaths can be prevented. Aside from […]

Aerial Silks — Fitness and Fun at the Big Top

During the holidays, cold weather and decadent food can make it challenging to stay active throughout the seemingly never-ending winter season. This year, ditch that boring gym workout for something a little different. You might have seen it at Cirque du Soleil or during Pink’s high flying performance at last year’s Grammy awards, and it’s […]