Plan a Fun & Healthy Mother’s Day

Maggie Klee | May 3, 2016

Plan a Fun & Healthy Mother’s Day


Show mom you care this weekend by planning a fun and healthy Mother’s Day! Don’t resort back to your bad habits of overindulging in food and limiting your movement. What better way to show mom some love than by taking care of her health?

Research shows that up to 50 percent of cancers diagnosed today are due to preventable causes. Packing your diet with healthy foods and staying active are key to reducing your risk for several types of cancer. This year, show mom you care by taking her out for a fun and active day!

  1. Serve her a home-cooked meal

Impress mom on Sunday by preparing a home-cooked meal for her. There are hundreds of healthy recipe ideas online; look for healthy versions of her favorite dishes and be sure to pack the table with plenty of fruits, veggies and whole grains.

  1. Enjoy Spring Weather and Get Outside

For most of us in the U.S., May is the start of warmer, sunnier weather. Head outside to enjoy spring and go on a hike or nature walk. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen!

  1. Try a new fitness class together

Does your mom enjoy exercise classes? Find a new form of exercise your mom has been dying to try for a quick sweat session. Check out sites like Groupon for deals on individual classes. Stumped on what to try? Get adventurous with a boxing lesson, swing dancing class or aerial arts.

  1. Gifts to promote wellness

Still need a gift idea? Cooking together out of a new healthy cookbook or taking a healthy cooking class are an opportunity for a fun activity you can do together. Other ideas include:

  • new gear for her favorite form of exercise like a Fitbit, yoga mat or weights
  • a spa gift card to help her relax and manage stress levels
  • healthy kitchen gadgets like a steam basket, grill pan, immersion blender or oil mister
  • Montana Winery’s “I Love My Boobies!” Wine —with a portion of proceeds going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation!

Your mom deserves to be celebrated this Mother’s Day. Treat her like a queen by planning a healthy and fun day. For more information about how a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risk for cancer, visit

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