4 ways to observe National Cancer Prevention Month

Emily Robinson | January 31, 2020

National Cancer Prevention Month - Prevent Cancer Foundation

February is our favorite time of year here at the Foundation. Spring is quickly approaching, love is in the air around Valentine’s Day (the perfect time to check your mate!), and each day we observe National Cancer Prevention Month.

We live our mission every day, but in February, we go all out, and this year we’re hoping you’ll join us.

The best ways to observe National Cancer Prevention Month (according to the cancer prevention experts):

1) Take the #WellnessChallenge

Each month we host an office-wide wellness competition challenging one another to practice new, small ways of living our mission. The challenge is divided into three categories—fitness, nutrition and wellness. One point is earned for each category completed in a day and one bonus point is earned for each friend or coworker you get to participate!

This month’s challenge:

Fitness: 20 minutes of physical activity

Nutrition: Eat one in-season fruit or vegetable

Wellness: Apply sunscreen on exposed areas of skin
* Pro tip: there are several makeup products and moisturizers with SPF in them that you can make part of your daily routine. SPF 30 or higher will offer the best protection.

Join the challenge on social media or bring it to your office! We’re challenging our PreventGEN committee to this month-long event, and we hope you’ll join in too. Download the full toolkit for details or just the social calendar to participate. Tag @preventcancer or #StopCancerB4ItStarts to join the conversation.

2) Nominate a changemaker in cancer prevention

The Cancer Prevention Laurels have been celebrating innovators and leaders in the fight against cancer since 2003. This year’s awards are in three categories:

  • National leadership
  • Dedication to community service
  • Increasing health equity through innovation

Submit your nomination before they close on February 19.
* Cancer Prevention Laurel recipients will be awarded at the Prevent Cancer Dialogue on April 15-17. Those awarded must attend.

3) Schedule your annual screenings

What could be a better way to celebrate National Cancer Prevention Month? Call your doctor and schedule your annual screenings now to prevent cancer tomorrow. You can find a detailed list of screening guidelines in the Summer 2019 edition of Cancer PreventionWorks.

4) Spread the word!

Join us on social media for a month-long spotlight on cancer prevention. Follow @preventcancer and tag #StopCancerB4ItStarts to share your story or tips to stay healthy.

Shed a light on cancer prevention this month—it could help save a life.

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