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Published on June 12, 2020

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To lower your cancer risk, move more and skip the cocktails and steaks, guidelines say

WEDNESDAY, June 10 (CNN)—To lower your cancer risk, vegetables and whole grains should be on your menu and processed and red meat should be off, according to updated guidelines published Tuesday by the American Cancer Society.

It’s best not to drink alcohol, the group says in its updated guidelines, and people should be getting more exercise than previously recommended.

In other news…

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June 11, CBS

Hospitals Are Bracing For a Spike in Cancer Patients as Covid Ebbs
June 11, Bloomberg

Why a wellness routine is your top priority amid protests and the pandemic — and how to start
June 10, CNN

‘Men get breast cancer too’: Male patients open up about fighting the disease
June 12, Yahoo!


Foundation News

Higher cancer risk in LGBT communities

In observance of Pride Month, a time to collectively honor the struggles and inequalities LGBT people face, we at the Foundation would like to take a moment to shed light on how these challenges stretch into the world of health care.

While it can be difficult to paint a full picture of the health disparities LGBT people face due to a lack of representation in data collection, here are some things we do know…

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