The Weekly: Cancer patients and Covid-19, equity in health care and more

Published on December 11, 2020

The Weekly

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New cancer patients—especially Black people—are more susceptible to severe Covid-19 infections

THURSDAY, December 10, 2020 (Stat News)—Recently diagnosed cancer patients are more vulnerable to Covid-19 infection and face more severe illness than people without cancer, a risk that is significantly higher for Black people than for white people with both diseases, a large new analysis concludes.

In other news…

High-fat diet allows cancer cells to beat out immune cells for fuel
December 10, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Kareem Abdul-Jabar reveals he had prostate cancer in essay calling for equity in health care
December 10, The Hill

Cancer Rates Are On The Rise In Adolescents And Young Adults New Study Shows
December 9, Forbes

Actor Natalie Desselle-Reid Has Died of Colon Cancer at Only 53
December 8, Self magazine


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