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The Weekly, March 13, 2020

Feature story U.S. Sees Uneven Progress in Fight Against Cancer THURSDAY, March 12 (U.S. News & World Report)—Death rates from the disease are down, but obesity threatens to curb those gains. Cancer mortality rates have continued to fall in the U.S. in recent years, even as the number of deaths rise and new diagnoses remain relatively steady, according […]

The Weekly, March 6, 2020

Feature story Colorectal cancer is on the rise among young adults. Doctors want to know why THURSDAY, March 5 (Today Show)—Many people think of colorectal cancer as an older person’s disease, but an alarming spike in the number of younger Americans being diagnosed is prompting calls to start screening earlier. March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, a campaign […]

The Weekly, February 28, 2020

Feature story Repurposing Drugs to Fight Cancer TUESDAY, Feb. 25 (The New York Times)—While doctors are allowed to use drugs approved for one disease to treat another condition, many don’t because approval to do so doesn’t appear on the label. But that may be changing. In other news… Virginia Woman Survives Breast Cancer With Experimental Vaccine Feb. […]

The Weekly, February 21, 2020

Feature story Cancer cases on the rise globally, but not equally, WHO report says MONDAY, Feb. 17 (CNN)—In the next two decades, the world could see a 60% increase in the number of cancer cases, according to a new report from the World Health Organization. In low- and middle-income countries, the increase could be as high as […]

The Weekly, February 14, 2020

Feature story High Lifetime Number of Sexual Partners Linked to Increased Cancer Risk THURSDAY, Feb. 13 (The New York Times)—People who have had 10 or more sexual partners during their lifetime may have increased odds of being diagnosed with cancer, a new study suggests. Women, in particular, had nearly twice the risk when they had 10 […]

The Weekly, February 7, 2020

Feature story Landmark study to transform cancer treatment WEDNESDAY, Feb. 5, 2020 (BBC)—More than a thousand scientists have built the most detailed picture of cancer ever in a landmark study. They said cancer was like a 100,000-piece jigsaw, and that until today, 99% of the pieces were missing. In other news… When the Teenager or Young […]

The Weekly, January 31, 2020

Feature story Lung-Cancer Screening Saves Heavy Smokers’ Lives, Study Finds WEDNESDAY, Jan. 29, 2020 (The Wall Street Journal)—Screening for lung cancer reduces deaths among current and former heavy smokers, according to a new study published Wednesday that adds to the evidence supporting wider testing. The study, conducted by researchers in the Netherlands and Belgium and published […]

The Weekly, January 24, 2020

Feature story One cancer is almost 100% preventable. And Chicago is making a move to eradicate it. THURSDAY, Jan. 23, 2020 (The Chicago Tribune)—“It happens when you least expect it… It was my last semester before it was time for me to graduate. That’s when I found out.” Morgan Park resident Angela Williams was 40 […]

The Weekly, January 17, 2020

Feature story AI Might Help Spot, Evaluate Prostate Cancer THURSDAY, Jan. 16, 2020 (U.S. News & World Report)—In another step toward using artificial intelligence in medicine, a new study shows that computers can be trained to match human experts in judging the severity of prostate tumors. Researchers found that their artificial intelligence system was “near perfect” in […]

The Weekly, January 10, 2020

Feature story US cancer death rate sees largest-ever single-year drop, report says WEDNESDAY, Jan. 8, 2020 (CNN)—The rate of people dying from cancer in the United States continued to decline for the 26th year in a row, according to a new American Cancer Society report. From 2016 to 2017, the United States saw its largest-ever single-year […]